Monday, 26 August 2013

My first trip to Iceland

In August 2013, I booked a trip to visit Iceland, the first time in this country. Last November Regina from Virtual Tourist, was travelling in London and we met up several times . As Regina was in Reykjavik during the summer she invited to come and visit her home city, to meet some friends and to see the sights of this amazing city.
I booked to fly with WOW air, a recent addition to the "budget" airlines which are plying Europe. The trip from Gatwick was made more "interesting" by the fun comments from the airline staff. Example "You'll find one of our beautiful yellow life jackets under your seat", "Put on your own oxygen mask, before assisting a child or someone who behaves like a child".
The flight arrived at Keflavik, (The international airport is in a smaller town to the west of Reykjavik) at a reasonable time of 14,40. I reached Reykjavik from Keflavik by "FlyBus" a dedicated bus-service Airport to City.  The journey time for the 44 km journey is about about an hour. The scenery around the airport is nothing like I had seen before. Fields were covered by course grass and black rock and on the horizon I was able to see active volcanoes. When I arrived the weather was drizzly and cool.
When I arrived at the Bsi bus terminal, I was met by Regina, a Virtual Tourist member and her friend Helga, who was driving. After checking into the Gurdur Hotel (part of the university of Iceland campas) Helga, Regina & I went to the Pearlan building, a circular building atop a hill, which contains the Saga Museum and a revolving restaurant. There is also a cafe and the opportunity for us to take in views of the city and bay.
We went into the city where Regina & Helga showed me some of downtown Reykjavik, before we found the Uppsalir bar and restaurant, in the older part of town. Here we met Jon (Regina's friend and a magician) and when we arrived we bought drinks (two-for-one as it was still "Happy hour"). I also had "fish & chips", and after our meal Jon, Regina and I went to a "stand up comedy" show where new comedians tried to entertain the guests (some succeeded, some didn't). We also went to a club to see some salsa dancing., before Jon drove me to the hotel, and I soon went to bed.

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