Friday, 22 November 2013

Virtual Tourist Meeting in Manchester part 1

After the concert the previous night , I returned to the hostel. I arrived in to the bar area when there was a karaoke evening. I also met two Australians who were staying in the same room. The following day I was awake about 7.30. St Christopher Hostels serve a Complimentary breakfast of Tea, juices, muesli & toast with cheese, ham, jam..
After breakfast I took the Central line to Oxford Circus & Bakerloo to Marylebone. I then travelled by train operated by Chiltern to Birmingham Moor Street (10.15-12.08), walked across Birmingham centre to New Street from where I travelled on a Cross Country voyager to Manchester Piccadilly. On arrival into Manchester I went by tram 3008 to Victoria Station, an example of a fine Victorian rail terminus, where also trains from all over Northern England & beyond arrive and depart.
Ashton Hill Hostel is a ten minute walk from this station. The hostel was built in 1908 & is a grade 2 listed building, previously used as a woman's hostel & a hotel serving passengers who wanted to be near Victoria railway station. I was warmly welcomed by Rebecca on reception who also showed me my room, the kitchen & bathroom facilities. I stayed in the hostel & had a cup of tea & scone, before I went into the centre & as arranged I met Virtual Tourist members in the Bank, a Nicholson pub which like many Nicholson pubs is in a splendid building. I first met Dao, then later more members came including Kirsty & Adds, Gill, Sarah, Sue, Lia & Jeff. After having a drink we went to the Red Hot House World Buffet. This is one of several "buffet" style places, and has "sittings" & we were booked in for 7-9pm. There a buffet "stations" each of which specialises in a type of food, Chinese, Thai, TexMex.. as well as "stations" to collect starters & desserts. Drinks had to be collected from a bar on another floor. After eating well we moved to a Wetherspoon pub called the "Moon under the water". Here I had some beer & chatted until about 11pm, when the pub became more crowded and they started playing LOUD music.

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