Thursday, 16 January 2014

My first day in Cyprus & a day away from it all

I arrived in Polis around 6pm on Sunday, when it was too dark to see much of the town, and so after having breakfast in the apartment-hotel and calling in to the bank (to change currency) I took a local 622 bus to visit the baths of Aphrodite. There were English & Bulgarian tourists on the bus with me & when we arrived we all walked through a botanical garden to a small pool with water falling like a shower, which is according to legend the pool where the goddess bathed before she took her walk to Regina's castle & monastery. Many photos are taken at the spot, but bathing in the pool is not allowed. Visitors can walk the route to Regina's castle which is now a ruin, there is still an oak tree and a natural drinking fountain and the route is well sign posted. While walking, the sun was shining and it was warm & pleasant. I met a couple Michael & Carol from Ireland, who showed me Aphrodite's walk which also took us over the cliff top. Here we had a short break and had a little snack & drink.

After the walk I joined Michael & Carol who offered me a lift to Lakki (Latchi) a former fishing harbour, but now a place where there are bars and restaurants (many specialising in sea food) and we had our lunch in the Faros (lighthouse) bar and sat outside overlooking the sea. I had a jacket potato with cheese & salad & Keo beer.

After lunch I decided I needed to walk off the lunch and walked along the beach which becomes Polis's beach

and then back to my apartment where I stayed for the evening.

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