Thursday, 16 January 2014

My weekend by Bodensee part 2 Day with Hannah

On the Sunday 13th January 2013, after breakfast in the hostel I took a train from Friedrichshafen Ost to the Stadt station where I met Hannah. Hannah suggested we should go to :Lindau. However on the way we stopped for a short break in Kressbon, a small village and we had coffee & cherry & pear cake in Le Picher, a little coffee shop. Here are two photos I took in Kressbon

We continued our journey to Lindau which is in Bavaria, and very close to the Austrian border. The Altstadt & harbour are an island (Insel) and connected to the main land by the road bridge, Seabruecke and Eisenbahndamm for pedestrians and cyclists. When we arrived we walked to the look at the harbour whose entrance has the lion of Bavaria on one side and a lighthouse (Neuer Leuchtturm).

Hannah & I took a walk to the Altstadt, with the step gabled Rathaus (Town hall),  Peterskirche & Diebsturm (Brigend's tower).

We had some lunch (pizza & tea) in Baeckerei Buerklin in Maximillian Strasse.
In the evening Hannah had arranged to see a film in a another town Ravensburg, a town now famous for its jigsaw puzzles. As Hannah had some time before she needed to go to the cinema we were able to explore the medieval fortified town centre. We climbed the steep staircase from the white Mehlsack (Flour sack) Tower to Veitsburg, a baroque castle, from where we admired the views of the Ravensburg.

After I left Hannah at the cinema, unfortunately the film was only in German, I went to Marianplatz to find a bar-restaurant and had chicken fricasse, Leibinger bier in a typical German bar  called Cafebar Central.
After dinner I took the 18.52 train to Friedrichshafen Stadt & spent the evning walking around the harbour area, I had a beer in the station bar & took a train back to friedrichshafen Ost, from where I returned to the hostel,

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