Monday, 16 September 2013

My weekend in Slovakia part 2 Zdiar, High Tatra Mountains

Saturday 7th September started for me with breakfast of egg-bread, coffee & fruit-tea with Jitka. 
Rasty had gone to work, and when he returned we (Jitka, Rasty, Rastek & I) travelled to the High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) by car. The sun was shining & it was quite hot. We passed through several small villages, then Stara L'ubovn'a, passing the castle high up on the hill. We arrived in Zdiar, a settlement since the 16th century which predates the High Tatra resorts. In Zdiar there are mostly traditional built houses, hotels & pensions which jaw dropping views of the High Tatra mountains. We settled in to an apartment, belonging to the Penzion Strachan. I took a short walk around Zdiar, before we had dinner in the pension's restaurant. I had pirohy (small pillows of meat or vegetarian food, or cheese) with sheep-cheese (brynzcovy) & kofola. Earlier while I was exploring the area I managed to hear some of the traditional Gorale style music, as there was a wedding in the restaurant.  The band had left but we still had recorded "Gorale" music while we ate.
The restaurant was in the traditional "rustic" style, and the doors had an interesting way, or self closing, by using a stone attached to a rope.
After our meal we visited Spider Park, a children's activity park with climbing equipment resembling an army assault course. There is a interesting cave near by.
Later we took a short walk through the forest towards ? from  Javorina. However as it became cooler & darker we decided to return to our apartment, where we had some supper of bread, ham, cheese & peppers. In the evening Rasty & I watched "Farma" Slovak reality show with contestants living & working on a farm, and like UK reality shows, a person was eliminated each week.
For those interested in Gorale music, there has been a Polish-Slovak band who have used the traditional music & fused it with contemporary music. They are called "Bratanki" and their album "Ano" (Slovak for "yes") was very popular in Poland & Slovakia. Here is a link to one of their songs "Czerwone korale"

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