Thursday, 19 September 2013

Weekend in Slovakia part 4, Bardejovske Kupele & a return to Krakow

Monday 9th September 2013 

Monday 9th September 2013
The day had started sunny, but soon clouded over after we had breakfast of tea & selection of bread, cold meat, cheese, peppers and coffee
The children, Lorianna & Rastik also came with Jitka and me & we went to the spa town of Bardejovske Kupele, a small spa town only 6 kilometres from Bardejov. The town consists of several fine hotels and a spa colonnade set in a wooded area of streets & parks. We visited the sources (pramen) of different mineral waters, and we were able to taste these waters which have natural trace elements which are good for curing people with aches and pains. We saw the Astoria and Alzebet hotels, which are the finest in the town. There is also an outdoor museum (skanzen) of traditional buildings set in the woods.
We finished off with a coffee & cake outside a favourite cafe of Jitka's. It started to rain, as we were leaving Bardejovske Kupele.
We returned to Jitka's apartment for lunch of bean, carrot, potato & sausage (klobasa) soup with bread. Rasty had also come home for lunch, but Rasty had to go back to work.  Jitka with the children & I went to Krynica & I they left me at the same place we had met the previous Friday. I walked to catch the bus to Krakow. Despite the info on the bus stops &  internet, the "next" bus was 18.00. This meant I wouldn't be able to do what I had wanted, that is arrive in Krakow in daylight, but had three hours to explore Krynica. After walking by the Krynicianka river & through the park I took a "trail" through the woods behind ? Park. By this time the rain was falling again, but fortunately the trees kept me dry. I returned to the station & waited for the bus. The rain eased off slightly, but during the bus journey, the rain became heavier & persistent. We arrived Krakow bus station about 21.15. I took a 52 tram from Dworzec Glowny to Stradom at 21.50 (MPK 565) arriving at hostel 22.00 & after checking in went to kitchen & started talking with other guests & later went with sisters Catherine & Helena, Peter & his friend & others and we had a drink in the Alchemedia pub in Plac Nowy, Kazimierz. I also had szarlotta jabulkowe with my beer.

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